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Mayfair Greens
Mayfair Greens
Location: Kandivali (W)
Plan: 1307 sq.ft
Price: 0
Mayfair Housing has predominantly concentrated on developing residential houses in and around the suburbs of Mumbai. TDR (Transferable Development Rights) is a recent concept designed to solve the alarming problem of shortage in urban housing as well as aid in urban renewal and redevelopment. The concept of TDRs not only provides for houses but also provides public utility facilities, which are the major need of the day being infrastructural facilities. Development of infrastructural facility is one of the priorities in the development list of State and Central Government. Mayfair Housing was among the first few companies to recognize the potential of TDRs to the housing industry as also the contribution made by the concept of TDR to the Societies at large and as a result apart from developing residential complexes in Bombay it has diversified into developing reserved lands (reservation being in the nature of public road, recreation ground, school, retail markets, etc) and obtained TDRs. Such TDRs enable a person to use to construct additional space/premises at other locations.

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